Monday, January 17, 2011

Patiently Confident

I am a seeker of comfort and pushing the limits of myself is never comfortable, but when I do, I am amazed at how it feels.  Take this blog for instance; I created it as a place to go public with my artwork, to express myself using mixed-media art.  The problem is, each time I come here I am beyond intimidated by the "blank page."  I tell myself, "Get over yourself. You can do it!"  
Interestingly, two of the pieces I created as Christmas gifts for friends touched me concerning my desire to put my artwork "out there" on my blog.  The first, LOVE is patient, was created while I prayed for a friend who was trying to trust God's timing for her family. And the second, Gaining Confidence, was for another friend who is stepping out in faith with her family.  To me, the pieces became an invitation and a challenge.  One, has become an invitation to be patient with my self in my struggle to overcome the blank page, and the other a challenge to stretch my wings and push beyond the discomfort  and simply put something out there.  So here they are:  Love is Patient and Gaining Confidence. It's amazing, how good this feels!