Friday, September 17, 2010

A New Workshop

I'm taking the amazing online workshop called BIG by Connie Hozvika over at Dirty Footprints Studio  The class is helping me to find my artistic voice and challenging me to enter into the process of painting in a whole new way.  It is also the catalyst for starting this blog.  Connie and the rest of my BIG girlfriends have given me the courage to start putting my artwork and my thoughts on cyberpaper (is there such a thing?).

I'm really excited about participating in a new online workshop that Connie is hosting with 21 of her favorite artist friends called, 21 Secrets: An Art Jounal Playground I think it will be a great source of inspiration and provde content for my new blog. 

The workshop includes 21 artists sharing 21 different classes.  These are a few of the classes I'm particularly excited about:

THE SECRET OF BEGINNINGLisa Wilson :: Life Unity

Why in the world would one want to do this thing called “art journaling”?
Even if you wanted to, how would you know where to begin? And that stuff, “gesso” – do you apply it or eat it?

We all start somewhere. Those with a wise beginner’s mind start again and again. Journey with me as we explore why & how one would go through this process of art journaling, including a detailed look at some of the basic materials used.
Plumb your own depths to discover your soul’s purpose and create a beautiful art journal page that reflects that purpose back to you. No drawing required! This class will include an mp3 audio meditation, a step-by-step PDF file, and a video!
THE DOODLICIOUS DAYBOOKTracie Hanson :: My Blooming Life

Doodle much? Yeah, me too.
Ever doodled on a scale so large that you produced enough whoppin’ doodlicious paper to bind a thick and juicy art journal?
Nope, didn’t think so. I have.
And I’ll show you how with some videos and pdf’s.

In this workshop, we’ll begin by doodling WAY big . . .
then deconstruct it into the makings for your own
beautific doodlicious diary.

So fun, easy and cool, you’ll crank out a dozen in no time!
I’ll even share a few spankin’ specialicious techniques
to make it even purtier.

You’ll dig it. You’ll wanna show off.
The adventure begins October 1 and I can hardly wait!


  1. Congratulations on your new blog! Isn't BIG wonderful?

    I hope you can join us for 21 Secrets!

  2. Yippeee Yay! Oh how I adore my BIG sisters. :)

    I'm crossing my fingers for you - SO so hope you continue this lovely creative journey (that Connie seems SO talented at leading) over at the playground!