Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A 40 Day Pilgrimage of Prayer Art Journal

The season of Lent has been a rich and wonderful blessing thus far.  I have made time each day to read, pray, reflect, and create something in my art journal related to the book Small Surrenders by Emelie Griffin.  I am also reading Contemplating the Cross by Tricia McCary Rhodes for a Lenten prayer group that meets each Wednesday evening.  Add to that, the regular duties of sermon preparation and pastoring and well, finding time to actually post my artwork has been difficult. 
I am committed to posting, but I have made a decision to post once a week rather than daily (that was my original plan...but you know what happens when we make plans...God laughs!)
So, here are my journal entries for March 12-21. 

 Each of the circles above represents a prayer for someone on my prayer list. 
The letters are the initals that identify the person I'm praying for. 

I hope you enjoy!


  1. Robin,

    I saw your commment on Brene Brown's blog and followed your link here. I just wanted to say, I've been on my own journey with fear, grief, shame, and vulnerability for the last three weeks. It hasn't been an easy journey, as I'm sure yours has not been as well. In the middle of the night one night, I found myself saying, "I'm willing to create our of my vulnerability." Amazing, right? One of those profound moments when you know you just made a life-altering statement.

    So, in that same spirit, I just wanted to affirm you today for your walk into vulnerability and wholeheartedness. Based on your postings from your art journal, the wholeheartedness has always been there. They are wonderful works of art and thought.

    Best wishes on your continued journey.

    A fellow sojourner,


  2. Wow! Powerful! I look forward to reading and seeing what God does in and through you here. Thank you for sharing what God has given you. I know that others will be blessed, inspired, and may even learn some new ways to express themselves because of your willingness to share.